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Buy Baby Care Products UAE

One of life's most beautiful experiences is becoming a mother. We provide a variety of baby care supplies, including feeding bottles, clothing, food, oral care, utensils, bedding, strollers, and more, to help you nurture this unique time. Visit our online store to make purchases for your young one. A few examples of well-known brands are comfy, Spotty, Himalaya, Johnson, etc.
Baby Wipes, Baby Wash Products, Best Baby Dining Chair, Diaper Bag Backpack, Best Baby Portable Car Seat, Baby Balance Chair, Best Baby Walker

Baby Care

Portable Newborn Baby Crib Cradle Movable Nest Bed

AED 360.00
AED 500.00 28% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Johnson's Baby Wipes - Gentle All Over, 72

AED 18.00
AED 24.00 25% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Baby Pacifier Fruit Vegetable Rubberized Bite Bag - Pink

AED 10.00
AED 20.00 50% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Johnson's Body Wash, Anti-Bacterial Micellar, Mint, 250 ml

AED 29.00
AED 40.00 28% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Spotty Baby Dining Chair with Footrest (Red, Grey)

AED 150.00
AED 200.00 25% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Baby Wash Daily Care 500ml

AED 20.00
AED 30.00 33% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Baby Portable Car Seat

AED 60.00
AED 110.00 45% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Portable Baby Balance Chair, Newborn Baby Rocking Chair

AED 79.00
AED 100.00 21% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Everything Your Baby Needs And More: Baby Care Products In UAE

Parenting a newborn child or even a toddler is an emotional rollercoaster. The experience may be wonderful and exhilarating one minute, taxing the next, and even irritating at times. By taking care of something as simple as making sure your kid has all he or she needs in the personal care section, our baby care companies hope to improve things for you. Our selection of infant care goods is extensive and includes everything from Baby Shampoo to diapering and toilet training necessities, feeding and nursing supplies, and health and safety equipment.


The new JOHNSON'S VITA-RICH Pomegranate line is composed of skin-friendly natural components, each of which offers your skin a special advantage. Every Vita-Rich product has a specially formulated mix of extracts and hydrating glycerine that nourish and nurtures your skin, leaving it looking notably healthier and feeling softer and smoother.

Baby Dining Chair

Every parent looks forward to a child's first words, first steps, first laugh, ability to sit up or move about unassisted, and other priceless milestones. Before you realize it, your child learns to do the majority of things on his or her own and is less reliant on you for everything. A child's perception of his or her parents as superheroes during childhood is unquestionably true. When they are finally old enough to have supper with the rest of the family, using baby chairs, of course, it is only natural for them to be their most upbeat selves.
Baby feeding seats can be high chair-style or removable. High chairs come as distinct pieces of furniture and consequently take up more room, making removable baby high chairs more suitable for houses with limited space. Once your kid has mastered sitting up by himself, use them. Bring baby chairs home, and you can put a stop to having to rush after your child and stoop or kneel to encourage them to eat a few bites of food. In addition, your toddler might progressively learn to serve himself by watching other diners.
Prior to making a decision, be sure to look at details like chair type, tray, cleaning convenience, adaptability, durability, comfort, and additional safety straps. These days, several infant high chairs provide a transition option. This characteristic makes chairs adaptable enough to be used as a cradle, a nursing chair, a play desk, or a booster seat. Buy baby chairs that can be adjusted to fit your child as he grows to get the most usage out of your investment. Additionally, the chair's removable seat cover and tray will make cleaning much simpler. Some trays can go in the dishwasher. The safety strap on feeding chairs for babies prevents them from standing or moving while they are inside.

Baby Balance Chair

No batteries are required for this bouncer since your baby rocks it, making it fun and developmentally stimulating. Your infant rapidly learns how to rock the bouncer using just his or her own motions, which naturally improves balance and motor skills. Proper head and back support are provided to your kid starting at birth thanks to the ergonomic design. The form-fitting cloth seat effectively disperses weight over your baby's body. This provides your infant with strong support, which is crucial for very young newborns whose muscles are still developing. four places for adjustment. There are four settings for the bouncer: play, rest, sleep, and transfer mode. From the highest play position to the lower rest position and the lowest sleep position, it changes silently and simply. When in transport mode, it folds totally flat. birth to two years old: The Natural Baby Bouncer may be used for a long time because it doubles as a chair and a bouncer. It may be used as a bouncer from the time your kid is a newborn until he or she has learned to sit up without assistance. When your child is able to stand and sit by themselves, you may flip the cloth over to become a cozy chair. Simple to clean: When you need to clean up after your baby and wash the cloth seat in the washing machine, it is simply removed. Compact for simple transport and storage: The bouncer is portable and flat-folded when not in use, making it convenient when you're on the go.
Everything from bottle cleansers made of nylon to feeding bottles made of materials that are safe for children is part of this line of baby care goods.

Buy Baby Walker Online

A baby's first effort at taking a step is undoubtedly a significant one. When a baby enters the developmental period where he starts to experiment with this new idea, parents look forward to this day and faithfully watch over their child. Around 11 to 15 months old, a baby normally makes his or her initial efforts at walking. Parents frequently experience exhilaration along with worries about the baby's security during these critical months. A baby should be allowed to explore his or her surroundings safely, which is now even more important. Every parent will feel more at ease after making an investment in high-quality baby walkers.

Accessory For Bathing Babies

Bath time for newborns may be challenging. By including baby bubble baths in his bathwater, you can divert your child's attention from the inconvenience of this situation. These baby products won't cause tears to clean your child's body without damaging his skin. Your child shouldn't be as afraid of bath time as he formerly was now that there are soapy bubbles blowing all around him.

Baby Health And Medical Supplies

After a bath, your kid has to be dressed as well as his body is completely washed. Use cotton buds, which have high absorbency capabilities, to be gentle with him. Baby thermometers, which allow you to determine the temperature of your baby's bath water, are another item you might want to add to your online shopping basket while you're at it.

Baby Skincare, Hair, And Bathing

From the time your baby gets out of the bath till later, these infant care items take care of his requirements. These necessities include hair oils, Baby Lotion, bath milk, Baby Oil, and baby talc.
The brand offers you baby cribs that are meticulously crafted using robust materials and furnished with design details like high legs to guarantee that your kid has a pleasant place to sleep. This demonstrates the brand's commitment to extending its knowledge in all areas.

Products For Diapering And Potty Training

These fundamental infant care items are created using materials that are kind to your child's delicate skin. If you're like that sort of thing, some diapers include a faint aroma.
Strollers and exercise equipment, pregnancy items, and Mothercare newborn apparel are all included in the brand's extensive line of baby care products.

Purchase Baby Care Items Online

With just a few mouse clicks or phone swipes, you can browse a wide selection of baby care products, compare their costs, and shop for baby care necessities on online shopping sites. Purchase baby care items online to be eligible for year-round, alluring discounts on these items!