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Buy Best Shuttlecock UAE

The shuttlecock is a must for playing badminton. Online retailers provide a number of alternatives for badminton shuttlecocks. Given how durable these synthetic birds are, you may discover a hybrid version comprised of feathers, nylon, and plastic. They are portable and durable for countless playing sessions and hundreds of games. These shuttlecocks for badminton are available in packs of 2 to 600. You can decide according to your tastes. Look out for shuttlecocks online as it is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality shuttles made with cutting-edge technology. They are made to fly similarly to a feather shuttle. You may get shuttles made of feather, nylon, and plastic as well as several types of shuttle rackets. 


Supreme Sports Nylon Shuttlecock 6 count

AED 19.00
AED 30.00 37% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Shuttlecocks For Badminton Are A Common Sport Among Young Children

The top brands' best badminton cocks and shuttles are offered online at the most competitive costs.
A lot of practice is required for badminton, just as with any other game. Players go from basic levels to intermediate levels, then to professional levels. Naturally, this takes time—a few years.
There are feather, nylon, and plastic shuttlecock varieties used in badminton. The player decides which shuttlecock to use. Typically, plastic and nylon shuttlecocks are used by recreational players and newcomers to the game, whereas feather Shuttlecocks are used by pros.

Shuttlecocks In Feathers

These shuttlecocks, which are the favorite option of professional-level players because of their good flight and speed, are the ideal equipment for use in competitive matches. Duck or goose feathers are used to make these shuttlecocks. These sixteen feathers are fastened to a cork with a semi-elliptical form. Players are required to use feather shuttlecocks that meet the Badminton Federation of UAE regulations when competing in professional competitions.