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How Bluetooth Technology Works in Speakers

Bluetooth is said to be active when two devices receive signals without docking with one another. These Bluetooth speaker devices don't have to be the same. So a mobile device and a laptop may connect over Bluetooth, and vice versa. Similar to how a remote television or audio system can pick up and broadcast signals, a pair of speakers can also do the same. Bluetooth technology only functions when the codes of the two devices are compatible. We refer to two devices as being in sync when their sets of codes coincide. Some of the brands of Bluetooth speakers that are offered on the market are iBall, Zoook, Bose, JBL Pulse, and Zaazz. By going to Maqaami online store In UAE, you can also check out a lot of different brands. There may be USB ports and memory card slots on these Bluetooth speakers. The ability to choose music is improved by having a memory card since it eliminates the need for an audio system. There are several colors for the speakers. Many individuals choose these black speakers and conceal them to listen to music continuously. Additionally, there are speakers that are waterproof, including NFC, LED lighting, and a Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth speakers are incredibly adaptable.
JBL Speaker, Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Torch Speaker, DJ Speaker


Nobel Portable Trolley Speaker, 80W RMS, NSP111T, Black

AED 399.00
AED 500.00 20% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Nobel Speaker Black 20W Rms NSP55

AED 360.00
AED 500.00 28% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Nobel Speaker Black NSB244BT

AED 370.00
AED 500.00 26% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Nobel Speaker 120W RMS Black Model - NSP222T 1 Year Full Warranty.

AED 720.00
AED 800.00 10% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Sonashi Mini Home Theatre System SHS-8037USRB

AED 520.00
AED 600.00 13% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers SHS-2107USRB Black

AED 365.00
AED 400.00 9% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker SBS-719

AED 150.00
AED 200.00 25% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Soundbar Speaker With Bluetooth Connectivity SSB-7210

AED 320.00
AED 400.00 20% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

8-Inch Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker SBS-718 Black

AED 165.00
AED 200.00 18% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Portable Speaker System With Bluetooth And FM-Radio NBTS30 Black

AED 175.00
AED 200.00 13% OFF
Arrives Wed, Nov 30

Bluetooth Speaker In UAE

Music is best when shared, so use premium wired or wireless speakers from renowned brands like JBL, Marshall, and more to jam out to your favorite tracks with your loved ones. With Bluetooth speakers, home audio systems, PC speakers, and more, you can hear the bass. Need a reliable helper? A smart speaker can then solve the problem. You can discover various types of speakers here, including Bluetooth and wired options.
Music can quickly uplift you, whether you're relaxing at home or hosting a house party. You need to have an excellent speaker system available if you want to guarantee that you have a wonderful listening experience. Music systems may be available in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from Philips subwoofers and Intex soundbars to JBL boomboxes and JBL flip 4 speakers, so you may choose one according to your needs and your budget. Before purchasing a sound system, you should think about its power output, drivers, frequency range, and connectivity choices. The range of the power output is 20 W to 300 W. The sound is more potent and louder the higher the power output.
The sound system's numerous connections make it simple to connect to external devices. In addition to an audio port, some speaker systems incorporate Bluetooth connection, which enables wireless music streaming. Online retailers provide a variety of sound systems from reliable manufacturers including JBL, Boat, Mivi Roam, Intex, MarQ by Maqaami Sony, and Philips. Some sound systems that you may get online include the JBL Go PLUS portable Bluetooth speaker, the Mi Compact 2 W Bluetooth speaker, the boat Stone Grenade 5 W portable Bluetooth speaker, and the Intex 2622 portable Bluetooth home theatre. Buy a high-quality speaker online from brands like JBL, Boat, Sony, Philips, Polk Audio, and Bose, among others, on Maqaami.

For a better audio experience, buy speakers online.

Nothing is more irritating than listening to music with poor clarity. Even your favorite music might be ruined by poor audio. Therefore, to improve your audio experience, be sure to choose the appropriate speakers. You need high-performance speakers whether you're hosting a party, a game night, or a movie night.

Wireless Speakers

Without some enjoyable music, what is an outing? Keep yourself occupied by taking a small, portable speaker with you everywhere you go. Online retailers have you covered whether you need a speaker for your car or a portable speaker to throw the finest outdoor party.

Some of the World's Best-Selling Portable Speakers
JBL's Flip II

With this JBL portable speaker, you may improve your music listening experience whether you're at a pool party or a terrace party. It provides an immersive audio quality. No matter what level you play music at, you can enjoy it with this speaker thanks to its twin 40 mm drivers and integrated bass port. Stay amused by connecting your smartphone or tablet to this speaker through Bluetooth. Additionally, this portable JBL Flip II features Sound Clear technology, which helps to lessen distortion and background noise so you can make clear phone conversations.

Philips Wireless BT50B/00 Speaker

Listen to music wherever with this Philips portable speaker. The 3.81 cm driver and integrated amplifier in this wireless speaker ensure immersive audio quality, and its compact design and light weight make it the perfect travel companion. By pairing your iPod or smartphone with this speaker through Bluetooth, you can listen to your favorite music wherever you go. It is also powered by a rechargeable Li-po battery that offers up to six hours of playtime.

SRS-XB10 by Sony

With Sony's Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, you can throw the finest party with the best music. Its Extra Bass function boosts the bass and improves low-end tones. Additionally, this speaker boasts a water-resistant construction and a strong battery that enable worry-free partying by the poolside all day long.
Portable Bluetooth mobile/tablet speaker boAt rugby
Bring this portable, lightweight speaker with you everywhere you go, and use it to play upbeat music to turn any gathering into a party. The 2.1 channel boat Rug by speakers has a sporty style, produces immersive audio quality, and comes with a built-in microphone to enable you to record and capture crystal-clear sound. Not only that, but the Boat also includes this speaker.

To avoid overcrowding your space, select small home audio speakers for your living room. There is plenty of room for other activities since home audio speakers fit in with your interior design. Choose tower speakers if you want to build up a complete home theatre system. Large acoustic chambers in floor-standing speakers produce strong surround effects that offer video games and movies a theatre-like sensation. The layout is the next thing you should think about. Plan where the speakers will appear best and how they should be positioned to achieve the greatest outcomes.
Bring this Bluetooth speaker home for an audio experience similar to a theatre. This soundbar attaches to your TV and has a 2-inch full-range driver and an 8-inch subwoofer speaker.

You may improve your online role-playing gaming experience with this gaming speaker since it provides immersive sound quality. You may bring it to your friend's house for game nights and have an amazing gaming session there. For crystal-clear sound, all you need to do is pair your game console with this speaker over Bluetooth.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Intex 506

Get the greatest games in town, pair them with this speaker through Bluetooth, and have one of the best gaming nights with your friends to enjoy sound like never before. You can elevate your gaming experience with decent audio, whether it's a shooting or racing game.

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